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BHPC History Month - Footbridge Tour - Celebrating 125 Years

Saturday, May 12, 2018 -
11:00am to 1:00pm

Blairstown's Footbridge is celebrating 125 years since its installation in 1893! John I. Blair funded the installation of the bridge as a gift to the people of the community in honor of his own 91st birthday. It replaced a wooden bridge that had stood at the site since soon after the Blairstown Railway came to town in 1877. The wooden bridge eventually deteriorated due to excessive exposure to the elements and became unsafe. John I. Blair saw the need to have it replaced and so a new steel bridge was ordered from Passaic Rolling Mills of Paterson, NJ. As the main artery from the village to the railway station the Footbridge was once a very important structure to aide pedestrians in traveling from the north side of town to the train station. Imagine townspeople bustling down the Footbridge in a hurry to catch the departing train! As time passed and train travel via the New York, Susquehanna and Western was no longer needed for passenger travel, the bridge fell out of use. It was not forgotten though and in 1976 the Footbridge became the focal point of the revitalization of the area now known as Footbridge Park.

We hope you can join the Blairstown Historic Preservation Committee on May 12 as we kick-off a year-long tribute to the Footbridge. Our tour will include many details of its construction, the major floods that have threatened the bridge, and images of the bridge over time. A memorial promenade of the Footbridge will be enjoyed by all who attend the tour. Live music will be by the Sycamore Banjo Band.

Please wear sturdy footwear and park in the lot at Footbridge Park. The event is rain or shine, unless severe weather is anticipated. 

More information to follow regarding the remainder of BHPC's May 2018 History Month. We are looking forward to seeing you at the events! A reminder that our events are FREE and presented as a community service by the volunteers of the Blairstown Historic Preservation Committee