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Music at St. Luke's: LYRA Vocal Ensemble

Friday, October 18, 2019 - 7:30pm

A vocal ensemble from St. Petersburg, Russia, LYRA introduces musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as traditions of Russian folk music to all people taking great interest in Russia, its history and culture. LYRA visits Music at St. Luke’s every few years during its North American tour. The group performs Russian Folk Songs as well as Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Presented by Music at St. Luke's. Suggested donation is $20/adult, $10/student. Call 908-818-9661 for more information.

The members of LYRA are all professional musicians who sing at a church in St. Petersburg. Some perform at musical theaters in that city. Their mission is to introduce the vast musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church and traditional Russian folk music to new audiences across the United States. 

The church is in the center of the Historic Moravian Village of Hope. Parking is behind the church, in the bank parking lot adjacent to the church and on the street.

Music at St. Luke’s is funded in part through a grant from the Warren County Cultural and Heritage Division of the county Land Preservation Department.