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  • Christmas in July at Wash. Boro Farm Market - July 24
  • Warren Co. Winery Train to Villa Milagro Vineyards - Weekends, May thru Oct.
  • Barnyard Buddies @ VonThun Farms- Fridays thru Sept. 3
Warren County Wanderings
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Latest Issue of Wanderings

"Fly, Dragonfly, fly! Spread your wings, take off to the skies, follow the blowing winds!"- OnlyEggy, poet

These little critters come in so many colors, it’s hard to ignore when one lands on your porch or flowers. This blue beauty was spotted by Erin Burnett on the edge of a small pond at Maple Hill Preserve in Blairstown.

Speaking of color, Wanderings aims to show you the way to plenty of local Warren County color! Visit Washington Borough Farmers’ Market to meet Seashell Santa for Christmas in July, and/or learn to paint beautiful sunflowers at VonThun Farms and take one home. The Third Annual Arc of Warren County Food Truck Festival at Donaldson Farms is complete with games and face painting, while Mountain Lake Fire Company is hosting its Car, Truck, Tractor and Bike show on Sunday.

The area’s live music scene is flourishing! Be sure to read the Plan Ahead section for some exciting concerts coming up next weekend. So have a look for yourself, and Happy Wanderings!

Starting July 21, 2021