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Café X

Café X is a family-friendly, fun, and safe gaming center in downtown Phillipsburg, New Jersey, offering Virtual Reality gaming experiences, PCs for gaming and Internet browsing, board games, card games, and all the classic favorites for kids and adults. Café X provides a fun, safe atmosphere to spend time with family and friends.

Café X was founded in 2019 to provide a environment for families and friends to gather and play games in Phillipsburg, NJ and the Lehigh Valley. Competitive or casual, Board Games, VR, or Digital Gaming.

Café X eSports reimagines the concept of a traditional LAN center or Internet cafe with a friendly and expert level staff, top-of-the-line gaming infrastructure, and one of a kind e-sports events and e-sports tournaments. Café X also offers Virtual Reality experiences and Board Games!

The center is conveniently located in Phillipsburg, NJ.  Switches all connected to a dedicated fiber internet. Experience all your favorite games like Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Rocket League and the rest of the extensive game library in an environment unlike any other. The center is designed by industry veterans to deliver a professional gaming experience for all levels, from the casual player to competitive gamer. Whether you want to play, practice and socialize with friends or compete at the highest level, the knowledgeable staff, food & beverage offerings and wide array of platforms and games allows for the best eSports experience for everyone.

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