, a Farm at Agrestic Acres | Explore Warren, a Farm at Agrestic Acres, a farm at Agrestic Acres is a sustainable 12 acre farm. They believe in using an all natural, sustainable, pasture based system that results in better quality food, a better life for the animals, better soils and great vegetables. They use non-GMO feed locally sourced and milled and in 2018 they will grind feed on-sight in small batches providing super fresh non-gmo feed to their animals. At, they developed an "open format" CSA because they wanted their shareholders to have the freedom to choose when and what their share dollars went towards. 

The members do not pick up a vegetable basket that they have no choice over, they select what they want, when they want.  All products are included : beef, pork, chicken, eggs, lamb, honey & certified naturally grown vegetables.  (note- CSA dollars or discounts cannot be used on Pig shares or Cow shares as they are already discounted). Sign-up today.

CSA SHARE levels:
10% level      $150*    (Save 10% all year)
8% level        $100*    (Save 8% all year)
5% level        $50*      (Save 5% all year)

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